Multisig questions

While there is a governance system with a 24 hour timelock on the lending platform contracts, the day to day minting of new OUSG and management of OUSG runs through a 3 of N multisig. These multisig addresses are not in the docs.

I notice that there are two different multisigs with manager access. 0xAEd4caF2E535D964165B4392342F71bac77e8367 appears to be the primary multisig.

What is the purpose of the 0x72Be8C14B7564f7a61ba2f6B7E50D18DC1D4B63D multisig which has a slightly different membership, and has some permissions around OUSG?

Hi Daniel,

0xAEd4caF2E535D964165B4392342F71bac77e8367 manages OUSG CashManager and the minting of OUSG

0x72Be8C14B7564f7a61ba2f6B7E50D18DC1D4B63D handles redemptions for OUSG