Lending-Borrowing disbalance

Today’s Supply Balance is $35M at 3.5% APY = $3.4k of daily interest and Borrow Balance is $9M at 3.9% APY = $1k of daily interest. Who pays the difference 3.4 - 1=$2.4k?


You’re counting OUSG which does not get paid interest for supplying.

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Are you saying that someone is supplying OUSG? Why would anyone want to do this?
I thought lenders only lend DAI and USDC for interest while borrowers borrow DAI and USDC with OUSG as collateral. Was I wrong?

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How do you think they use OUSG as collateral without supplying it? : )


OK. Now I understand what Supply actually means. Thank you!

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Sorry for the beginner’s question but how does the net deficit get reconciled with OUSG? Is OUSG always needed as collateral for borrowing? And if so, does Flux earn yield on that to make up for the difference?