Timing the ONDO Unlock

I understand your concern about the delay of the project release, but I believe that the delay is actually very good for the project in the long run.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • More time to test and develop the product: By delaying the release date, the team has more time to test and develop the product, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and that it meets the needs of the community.
  • More time to market the product: The delay also gives the team more time to market the product and generate awareness and excitement among potential users.
  • More time to build the community: The delay also gives the team more time to build the community around the project and to get feedback from users.
  • More time to respond to regulatory changes: As you mentioned, the cryptocurrency market is highly regulated, and the regulatory landscape is constantly changing. By delaying the release date, the team has more time to respond to any regulatory changes and to ensure that the project is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

I know that it is frustrating to wait longer for the project to be released, but I believe that the delay is in the best interests of the project and the community.

In response to your specific concerns:

  • “We have been waiting long enough to receive our tokens.” I understand your frustration, but I believe that it is better to wait a little longer for a high-quality product than to receive a product that is not ready.
  • “At any moment, a situation may arise when the SEC begins to deal with projects, ONDO will be recognized as a security, like other cryptocurrencies, with the exception of BTC and ETH, in which case we will get 0 instead of profit.” The SEC is indeed cracking down on cryptocurrency projects, but I believe that ONDO is taking the necessary steps to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • “The unlocks are not so big that it affects the project.” I agree that the unlocks are not so big that they will significantly affect the project.
  • “I know a lot of projects that have been waiting for a better moment, but ended sadly. If they had come out right away, they would have come out much better.” I am aware of the many projects that have failed, but I believe that ONDO is different. The team has a strong track record, and they are committed to building a successful project.
  • “A recession, default may be waiting for us ahead, the cryptocurrency market will have a very, very hard time in this case.” I agree that the cryptocurrency market is facing some challenges, but I believe that ONDO is well-positioned to weather any storms. The project has a strong foundation, and it is backed by a team of experienced professionals.
  • “There will never be a right moment if not now.” I believe that the right moment is now. The cryptocurrency market is still in its early stages of development, and there is a huge opportunity for projects like ONDO to succeed.

I hope this helps to address your concerns.

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mercado alcista desbloqueo ya!

The original coinlist purchase agreement made no mention of the global lockdown. This is a new rule that just appeared before today’s June unlock. This rule was not proposed and approved by Dao. It is implemented directly by the team. Do you think this is fair to investors? Even if I don’t want to buy today, please return my funds. Do you think the team will agree? The team is in a situation where it neither wants to return investors’ funds nor unlock the tokens. I think this is a very serious breach of trust.


I urge the team to provide current progress and a detailed roadmap with a clear unlock date. Otherwise, I will co-sign with Chinese dao members to file a report to the relevant units.

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If that’s how they treat their investors, ignoring them. I recommend you think twice before investing in this project, BE VERY CAUTION

no se que pensar pero huele a estafa gorda.

Team, @FluxFinance

I think we’ve waited long enough now, what exactly are you waiting for? A new ATH for Bitcoin? If so, that’s the goofiest thing I’ve ever heard of. Your goal shouldn’t be to make the token do 10x, but to develop the product and fulfill the token’s sale agreement. Just send the proposal to remove this global lock for good.

Sadly this is a bogus DAO, since the team is the only entity with enough tokens to create a proposal. This means that the team will do what it wants, when it wants.


I believe it’s the right moment to lift the global token lock. With Flux operational, it’s an opportunity for new ONDO holders to join, enhancing democracy and allowing everyone to engage in marketing with the token. ONDO holders are eager for a vote to unlock the token and entrust the decision to the DAO.

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