Timing the ONDO Unlock

mercado alcista desbloqueo ya!

The original coinlist purchase agreement made no mention of the global lockdown. This is a new rule that just appeared before today’s June unlock. This rule was not proposed and approved by Dao. It is implemented directly by the team. Do you think this is fair to investors? Even if I don’t want to buy today, please return my funds. Do you think the team will agree? The team is in a situation where it neither wants to return investors’ funds nor unlock the tokens. I think this is a very serious breach of trust.


I urge the team to provide current progress and a detailed roadmap with a clear unlock date. Otherwise, I will co-sign with Chinese dao members to file a report to the relevant units.

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If that’s how they treat their investors, ignoring them. I recommend you think twice before investing in this project, BE VERY CAUTION

no se que pensar pero huele a estafa gorda.

Team, @FluxFinance

I think we’ve waited long enough now, what exactly are you waiting for? A new ATH for Bitcoin? If so, that’s the goofiest thing I’ve ever heard of. Your goal shouldn’t be to make the token do 10x, but to develop the product and fulfill the token’s sale agreement. Just send the proposal to remove this global lock for good.

Sadly this is a bogus DAO, since the team is the only entity with enough tokens to create a proposal. This means that the team will do what it wants, when it wants.


I’ve almost forgotten about ONDO. There’s a few other tokens from Coinlist that the teams would not let tokens go live or tradable. I do understand that timing is important. Tokens have to survive being dumped in the market. Hopefully it will be around the time the BTC halving is going on and not in 2025 or else we’re all screwed up.

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Sounds fair to me. Looking forward to participating.

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