Composability Questions


I just wanted to know if there were plans to make these smart contracts that are running the Ondo bond program open and composable. What would such an interface look like, and what would be the way in which another Dapp might interact with this protocol such that they could utilize the bond offerings that Flux/Ondo is offering? No discord available otherwise I would have asked there. Anyways, hopeful to hear your answers.


Hi @VoR0220! Ondo’s security tokens (OUSG, OSTB, OHYG) require users or DAOs to be KYC’d to be able to get exposure to the RWA yield. Flux finance can be interacted with permissionlessly by anyone in DeFi by supplying stable coins and earning yield from the permissioned asset users who want to borrow or lever up. Flux is a fork of CompoundV2 so interacting with the protocol will be the exact same as interacting with Compound. You can join our discord at the following link: Ondo DAO

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