Enhancing ONDO Token Liquidity with DefiEdge's ALO Protocol – A Cost-Effective Approach


DefiEdge, a leading asset management protocol, is thrilled to propose a cost-effective and sustainable solution to enhance the liquidity of the ONDO token on Uniswap V3. By integrating our Automated Liquidity Optimization (ALO) protocol, we aim to create deep and dynamic liquidity without relying on traditional liquidity mining incentives. With DefiEdge’s permissionless and non-custodial approach, the ONDO community can enjoy the benefits of efficient liquidity management while maintaining full control of their assets.

Additionally, Defiedge also support the management of Rebase tokens on Concentrated DEXs

Our Stats:

  • Over $1B in Volume across Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, and BNB Chain

  • Over $10M of TVL on UniswapV3 on the Ethereum Mainnet and layer2 chains like Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

  • Over 740+ Strategies

  • Over 300 Pools

  • Over 1000 Active Positions

  • Over 1700 Liquidity Providers

Proposal Details:

With this proposal, we seek to deploy DefiEdge’s ALO strategy for the ONDO token on Uniswap V3. Our ALO algorithm will actively manage the liquidity to optimise buy/sell support, resulting in reduced slippage and improved trading efficiency.

Here is A Thread Explaining better: https://twitter.com/DefiEdge/status/1683942941700812801?s=20

Benefits of ALO for ONDO:

Enhanced Liquidity Support: DeFiEdge’s ALO strategy will actively manage the liquidity pool, ensuring well-balanced buy and sell support to enhance trade execution. By closely monitoring market conditions, the strategy will dynamically adjust the liquidity ratio, ensuring a constant flow of liquidity to meet the demands of traders.

Reduced Slippage: Our ALO strategy will minimise slippage by optimising liquidity provision, enabling traders to execute orders at more favourable prices. This will enhance the overall trading experience for the ONDO community and attract more traders to the ecosystem.

Community-Driven Growth: In our commitment to fostering community-driven growth, we propose creating an additional ALO strategy that empowers the ONDO community to participate in liquidity provision actively. By inviting direct involvement from community members, we aim to instil a sense of ownership and shared success in the protocol’s development.

Transparent and Trustless: DeFiEdge’s ALO approach is fully transparent and trustless. ONDO token holders will retain complete control and ownership of their assets, eliminating the need to surrender custody to external entities.

Efficient Governance Token Accumulation: Our ALO strategies will optimise liquidity management and accumulate governance tokens, incentivising active participation and rewarding token holders.


  • 1% Management Fees
  • 10% Performance Fee

Impact & Benefits:

  • Enhanced liquidity efficiency for the ONDO token pool on Uniswap V3.
  • Reduced slippage, providing a seamless and improved trading experience for users.
  • Increased community engagement through direct liquidity provision.
  • Empowerment of ONDO token holders with permissionless and non-custodial asset management.
  • Transparent and low-cost fees, allowing full visibility into strategy performance and outcomes.

Next Steps:

DefiEdge is eager to collaborate with the ONDO token community to implement the ALO strategies. Our experienced team will work closely with the ONDO protocol developers to integrate the ALO solution seamlessly. Regular reporting and updates will be provided to the community to ensure transparency and alignment with their liquidity objectives.

Let’s join forces to unlock the full potential of ONDO token liquidity and foster a thriving DeFi ecosystem.

Website: https://www.defiedge.io/

First sign of Ondo unlock/listing? We have been made to wait longer and i do hope it will be worth the wait. Strong team behind this project and the wave they’re already making makes me bullish