Care to explain your policies

From your information for forum usage:

Permissions of forum usage:
‘2.You may no longer use the forum if the company contacts you directly to say that you may not’

This is the only instance people can leverage their ondo tokens as you decided to funnel them through flux.
Its also the only way to propose something for the DAO.
So you basically have the right to exclude someone from the DAO by your saying.
Not very democratized or decentralized. Im losing more and more trust in this project

Dont bother writing some generic bs. If you’re not answering sincerely you can ignore this topic and save me and you some time.


Actually not. This forum is not a part of election process
It can be forbidden to use this forum but you still be able to vote for or against proposals since proposals are existed in blockchain

Moreover, if you check here

you can realize that Ondo token doesn’t have any function that blocks your personal voting ability